March Caption Contest Winner

April 8, 2014

At least two hundred of you wrote captions referring to the breasts of the woman in blue calico. I tried to pick just one.

Doris, are those real?
But I loved this caption – from Peg Wiley – because it was so delightfully direct:

Why thank you! They were an anniversary gift!
And I loved this caption – from Heidi Vaitl – just as much… because it was so beautifully oblique:

Well done, both of you!

I think I found my G-spot
Another hundred or so of you wrote captions explaining why blue-calico-lady (could anyone look more innocent?) had her hand in her pocket. Barbara Hulse, you’ve done it again!

Reader's Digest version please...
I’m a huge fan of Sgt. Joe Friday. I’m pretty impatient with details, and “just the facts ma’am” could be my personal mantra. Maybe that’s why this caption, written by Maura Jensen, cracked me up so much:

That's my point. You don't nag enough
Todd Sentell’s fabulous caption is so unexpected… and yet so absolutely spot on. He perfectly captures the attitude of brown-checks-lady:

And the winner is Robert Wooldridge! Robert’s caption reminded me of one of my favorite “stories-that-I’m-not-allowed-to-tell” about one of my delightful granddaughters (and her mommy):

...and then I said "only mommies are allowed to use that word."

Robert’s caption got 46% of the vote – so I’m guessing there are a lot of swearing mommies out there.

Great job, Robert – I’ve always loved your captions, but I think this is your first win! And by a landslide.

Thank you, everyone, for making me laugh out loud!

March Caption Contest Finalists

April 4, 2014

Sorry, dear friends, that I am so late with the finalists this month.

Vacations always sound like a good idea until you come back and realize you will never, ever, ever catch up again.

Voting is closed…

February Caption Contest Winner

March 7, 2014

This is my mother:

you call it peeping... I call it being neighborly

Mom and I could not have been more different. Mom was interested in everyone, and for her “interested” covered everything from making sure the homeless were sheltered and the hungry fed… to seeing what time the newly divorced next-door neighbor’s girlfriend arrived and departed. Mom loved everyone (including the newly divorced next-door neighbor), and everyone loved her.

Me? Well… one clue to my propensity for engagement might be the fact that I spent 11 blissful years in the New Mexico high desert where my nearest neighbor was a mile away. I’m kind of private. I like space… and boundaries.

Not that I don’t love my neighbor as myself.

This seems a perfect opportunity to introduce a “neighbor” I truly love and appreciate… even though I can’t keep tabs on her from my bedroom window: Ellen Macdonald, winner of the February caption contest! (And not just because she writes great captions.) I have enjoyed a warm and rewarding e-friendship with Ellen ever since she won her first caption contest a gazillion years ago… but our schedules had never meshed before… so we finally met in person for the very first time just a few weeks ago when she visited me at my New York trade show. Here we are standing beneath a banner with one of my favorite Ellen Macdonald captions:

Ellen MacDonald and Anne Taintor

Thank you, Ellen, for your wonderful captions (including this winner) and for your friendship!

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February Finalists

March 2, 2014

Maybe it’s because it was such a short month (thank goodness!)… but I only came up with 3 February finalists.

See the finalists

January Caption Contest Winner!

February 5, 2014

So it seems that while not everyone has heard of the fishbowl, a great number of you are changing your prescriptions these days – big Congratulations to Robert Wooldridge, the winner of our January Caption Contest!


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