July Caption Contest Winner

August 8, 2013

Posted by Anne

Our writers came up with many excellent reasons for ignoring reality.

The people’s choice was shopping.

Congratulations, Shanna Edwards – wonderful caption!

if I can't see the price, everything's on sale!

Before I introduce the runners-up I’d like to say a special thank you to semi-finalist Lauren Roberts.

LaurenAs you know, I don’t look at the names of the writers until after I’ve chosen the finalists. This month I didn’t look until today. I happened to know that nine-year-old Lauren had submitted a caption because her mom had mentioned it to me in an email. Imagine my surprise when I learned today that Lauren had made it to the semi-finals; hers was the next to last caption to be eliminated from the final six!

Proof positive that a girl is never too young to develop a very bad attitude… and a very good sense of humor. Way to go, Lauren!

And now back to our very talented and probably over-21 finalists:

dust? what dust?

I wish I could navigate our house blindfolded. I love this caption from Ellen Lange:

Ellen, does it work for dog hair too?

I'll lose the blindfold when you lose the speedo, Georgespeedo

I still have nightmares about the first time I saw a man in a speedo. Old Orchard Beach, Maine (my old stomping grounds) is not the place for a young girl to be introduced to this particular garment. I love this, Ashlee Moser!

she took blind dates really seriously

I’ve never been on a blind date… but since I take everything really seriously, if I ever do go on a blind date I’ll definitely need a silver mask (and diamonds). Great caption, Lori Naylor!

she'd finally figured out how to solve the "mom look!" interruptions

I’m sure Mandie Michniewicz enjoys “mom, look! mom, look! mom, look!” just as much as the next woman… which is why her caption is so very amusing.

I'm vacationing in my dream resort... I'm wearing my favorite summer dress.. the only thing that can ruin this is waking up

Elizabeth Breach’s caption holds a special place in my heart, because if we don’t sell our house in New Mexico this summer my winter vacation is going to look a lot like this:

Thank you, everyone! Great job with a very odd image!

3 Responses to “July Caption Contest Winner”

  1. Sherry on August 9th, 2013 7:41 pm

    BRILLIANT!!! Congrats.

  2. Sandy Ordway on August 12th, 2013 9:48 am

    Congratulations, Shanna. Love it!

  3. Patrick on October 23rd, 2013 9:08 pm

    Awesome Caption!

    Wish we had thought of it! :)

Anne Taintor