Anne graduated from Harvard in 1977 with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies. After college, she focused on collage, and her work always incorporated a subtle humor and playfulness. For years, Anne’s art was more of a sideline than a full-time occupation. But in 1985, she was a single mother searching for a way to spend more time at home with her daughter than her job in cartography permitted, and she began to develop a line of collaged pins and magnets. The new collages combined vintage images with Anne’s own interpretation of what these men and women might really be thinking. They were instantly a hit with Anne’s customers, though it took a little longer for her to be brave enough to “quit her day job”.

In 1999, with her daughter away at college, Anne and her husband moved to a tiny town (population 80!) in Northcentral New Mexico.  She spent 12 blissful years in NM balancing growing her business with healthy doses of hiking, swimming & camping.  Anne was elated to return to her home state of Maine in 2011 in order to spend more time with granddaughters and other family and to re-kindle her love of gardening and shoveling snow.  She now lives and works in an eclectic antique house in Portland and continues to cherish making all you smart women and men smile.