Original Collages by Anne Taintor

“I started making collages when I was 18. Before I made collages on paper I did collage animation. In those days, I belonged to the “more is more” school of collaging. I remember one short animated film that involved over one hundred French Fries and a similar quantity of swirls of whipped cream, among other things. Fortunately, I enjoy cutting.

I still make collages the old-fashioned way – by cutting with real scissors and pasting with real glue. And occasionally I still enjoy making a complex multi-element collage or a just plain goofy collage. But more often, I am charmed by the magical transformations I can sometimes achieve when I combine just two or three elements. I’m a sucker for the ‘Aha!’ moment.

The simplicity of my favorite collages is belied by the controlled chaos of my studio. “Controlled” because I have shelves and shelves and drawers and drawers and binders and binders of images sorted by subject matter, by color, or by shape (I have a drawer labeled “bulbous.”). “Chaos” because there’s just no way to avoid chaos when you’re dealing with thousands of pieces of paper. Even with all my attempts at organization I can’t possibly remember even a fraction of the images I have squirrelled away, so I’m constantly reviewing my materials. As often as I am overwhelmed by the sheer volume I am delighted by my finds.

I hope you get as much of a kick out of ‘Aha!’ as I do.”