May 24, 2018

Barbara Luff McCraine

Look at this smile!Now look at this smile!

Every time I saw Barbara “Babs” McCraine she had the same beautiful smile on her face. Barbara is one of those rare souls whose inward beauty more than matches her outward beauty. It’s hard for me to say “was” even though this amazing woman left our plane of existence a few days ago.

I first met Babs in person in February 2007, though we had enjoyed a long-distance relationship for years before that.

Since I moved back to Maine in 2011 I have been blessed to be a small part of her life. She got such a kick out of the magnets, cards, and mugs featuring her old modeling pictures… but then Babs got a kick out of everything. She loved to write (she took writing classes until a year ago), she was a consummate gardener, she was so tender with her animals, she was a loving & much beloved sister/mother/grandmother/great-grandmother/aunt, and she cherished her friends. I never saw Babs frown or heard her say an unkind word. I loved her very much and always will.

I don’t know what I believe happens after we die, but no matter what I know Barbara will always be a part of my life and an inspiration to me.

Thank you for everything, Babs!


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