January 28, 2009

Barbara Luff McCraine


It was 1944 and beautiful Barbara Luff was working her way through New Jersey College for Women (now Douglas, Rutgers), when she posed for this photo. The strong features and expressive eyes (not to mention the killer body) that made her a top Powers model in the mid-forties, also makes her one of my all-time favorite ‘bad girls’.

After four years of gracing the covers and fashion spreads of Glamour, Seventeen, Vogue, and more, Barbara (now Mrs. Barbara Luff McCraine) graduated and left her glamorous modeling career to become a caseworker for New Jersey’s children’s services.


Eventually she retired from career #2 to become a stay at home mom.  Sixty years after the above photo was taken, Barbara’s past came back to haunt her (to her delight) when her granddaughter showed up for Christmas dinner wearing grandma’s picture on her “I can’t be good all the time”
t-shirt. And here is Barbara today, still glowing, in a card (which I will always treasure) made for me by her niece.


Look for Barbara in 2007 in a brand new bad girl design. ( I can’t help myself; it’s those eyes!) Many thanks, Barbara, for the pleasure your beauty and spirit have given us for 60 years!

Anne and Barbara

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One Thought on “Barbara Luff McCraine”

  1. Sally Corey

    Hello, I have been such a great fan of Anne Taintor’s for many years, and this morning decided to read about a Taintorette or two and couldn’t stop til I’d read them all. Just can’t get enough! The “I love not camping” magnet is on my fridge, and “We all have our baggage” is my iPhone wallpaper. Thanks for being there for a good chuckle whenever I need one – which is often! Sally

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