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Anne Says: “When I started my business I glued little pictures on little pieces of wood, glued on little words and little pin backs, and drove all over the East Coast selling them at retail craft fairs. I was broke; I was cheap. I never stayed at a hotel after the show ended. Wherever I was, I packed up my booth and headed for home, often driving into the wee small hours of the morning. To keep myself awake I sang along with the radio. One morning, after I had been driving for about six hours and I was about a mile and a half from home sweet home, Steppenwolf’s “born to be wild” came on the radio. The very next morning I glued that phrase on half a dozen pictures. This is the one that stuck.”

This caption is perfect for staying in touch with your wild self, also makes a great gift for all the free spirits in your life. Nothing says “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” like a “born to be wild” luggage tag. Or, invite Steppenwolf into your hip pocket with these handy flasks. Take a look at all the items sporting this caption here and remember to turn your music up loud enough to stay awake all night tonight…

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