March 7, 2014

February Caption Contest Winner

This is my mother:

you call it peeping... I call it being neighborly

Mom and I could not have been more different. Mom was interested in everyone, and for her “interested” covered everything from making sure the homeless were sheltered and the hungry fed… to seeing what time the newly divorced next-door neighbor’s girlfriend arrived and departed. Mom loved everyone (including the newly divorced next-door neighbor), and everyone loved her.

Me? Well… one clue to my propensity for engagement might be the fact that I spent 11 blissful years in the New Mexico high desert where my nearest neighbor was a mile away. I’m kind of private. I like space… and boundaries.

Not that I don’t love my neighbor as myself.

This seems a perfect opportunity to introduce a “neighbor” I truly love and appreciate… even though I can’t keep tabs on her from my bedroom window: Ellen Macdonald, winner of the February caption contest! (And not just because she writes great captions.) I have enjoyed a warm and rewarding e-friendship with Ellen ever since she won her first caption contest a gazillion years ago… but our schedules had never meshed before… so we finally met in person for the very first time just a few weeks ago when she visited me at my New York trade show. Here we are standing beneath a banner with one of my favorite Ellen Macdonald captions:

Ellen MacDonald and Anne Taintor

Thank you, Ellen, for your wonderful captions (including this winner) and for your friendship!

the Marines aren't the only ones looking for a few good men!

This offbeat interpretation from Mary Aishton still makes me giggle every time I read it:

Thank you, Mary!

hmmm... jump out the window? or make more casseroles?

Thank you also to Lisa Engler for her amusing (if extreme) alternative to business as usual:

Great captions, ladies! Thank you to all who submitted captions – keep them coming!

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8 Thoughts on “February Caption Contest Winner”

  1. Ellen Macdonald

    Wow, thanks, Anne! Your mom sounds like mine, who knows everyone’s life story. I don’t want to show her that photo of me, though…weren’t we going to photoshop it? Oh, well–it was so fun to meet you in person, finally. You are AMAZING, and I am lucky to know you!

  2. Sandy Ordway

    Congratulations, Ellen! It’s wonderful for all of us to finally “meet” you, and thanks for sharing your gift to a world in need of laughter. No need for photoshop, by the way!!!

  3. Ellen Macdonald

    Thanks, Sandy! Photoshop update: My husband said, “Oooo, NOT flattering,” when he saw it. But it was worth it to meet Anne, finally. I’ve been a fan of hers for many, many years!

  4. Sandy Ordway

    Ellen … nice to know your husband is funny too. But please tell him, all your fans noticed was your beautiful smile. And Anne’s, too!

  5. Jane Benson

    Ellen rules! You are one of the funniest people on earth and a truly gifted writer! You have made me laugh out loud so many times!

    And it is so interesting what you and Anne were saying about your moms. My mom had a bad stroke a couple of years ago, but prior to the stroke she was the most nosy neighbor, friend, mother ever! She knew everything about everybody. And she always made sure that no one was ever alone on a holiday, and her cards and letters to people were legendary!

    I am more of an introverted extrovert or an extroverted introvert and I never know what anyone is doing–not even me!

    Thanks, Anne and Ellen for making me laugh and laugh!

  6. Ellen Macdonald

    Jane, I told Anne when I saw her that THE magnet I bought for my mom and put on her fridge is your “Why, I’d be delighted to put my needs last again.” It even looks like mom, back in the old days! Every time I visit her and see it there, I laugh myself silly all over again.

    Thanks, everyone, for your kind words!

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