June 3, 2011

Henrietta Warrick Chase

Last year, Amber Doe joined the Anne Taintor team. The rest of us at ATI had chosen heads from current designs for our business cards. Amber asked if she could use an old picture of her grandmother. I loved Amber’s card so much I asked if her grandmother would agree to become a Taintorette. She said yes!


Henrietta was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1925 to the late Edgar and Ethel Warrick, one of 11 siblings. Her lineage is the story of America. Henrietta’s maternal great-grandfather was the son of a Seminole Indian woman and a South Carolina plantation owner who helped slaves escape before the Civil War. Her great-grandfather founded a church on St. Helena Island, SC in 1880.


Henrietta in 1954

Due to the size of her family, Henrietta had the primary responsibility of caring for her younger siblings. After graduating from William Penn High School in 1943, she worked in the Bridal Shop at Gimbels Department Store, where she met her future husband Clarence Chase Jr. Originally, Henrietta had hoped to become a nurse or an undertaker, but she chose instead to devote herself to raising her two children, Clarence and Iris. Eventually she worked for 24 years as a school aide in the School District of Philadelphia.

Henrietta loves to dance! She belongs to many dancing clubs and societies, including more recently The Philadelphia Senior Center, where she took line dancing. She also attended Philadelphia Community College for computer classes. A devoted church member for many years, she was very active in Mt. Pisgah AME church for over 50 years.

Three generations

Henrietta, Amber's mom Iris, & Amber

Henrietta retired in 1990 after the death in the same year of her beloved husband. She started to travel, discovering one of her favorite destinations in the Hawaiian Islands. Her ultimate dream is to travel to Switzerland. Recently, after a challenging health year, Henrietta relocated to Tucson, AZ to live with her daughter Iris, and Iris’ husband and granddaughter. Henrietta is very adventurous and loves to try new foods; her favorites are macaroni and cheese, Japanese food, and anything and everything sweet.

We are honored to feature Henrietta and her two sisters Ethel Roberts Baylor and Janet Warrick Webster on my favorite new blank card:


Janet Warrick Webster, Henrietta Warrick Chase & Ethel Roberts Baylor

In addition, Henrietta and her sister Janet Warrick Webster have each given us a magnet and a sticky note.


Thank you, ladies!

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7 Thoughts on “Henrietta Warrick Chase”

  1. Jaimey

    I love that African American women are featured here. We were an integral part of society as well in those times. These ladies are beautiful, and I hope you will add more to your collection!

  2. Kelley A

    I have been a huge fan of your work for as long as I can remember! You are a big reason I even ever got into any type of collage, which led to a serious love for mixed media art as well as art journaling!

    I loved* reading about Henrietta, and her whole family ~ I think it is lovely that you provide such an endearing backstory.

    Truly one of your biggest fans,
    take good care & never stop creating (please)


  3. JS

    I’ve loved Anne Taintor for years, seeing images of black women only adds to the pleasure. I hope that other women of color submit photos of relatives for consideration. As is fairly obvious, black and other women of color were treated as invisible before the 1970s so there aren’t any genuine vintage media images to cull.

  4. Molly Wassermann

    Henrietta’s story is a wonderful one – and so important to know about. LOVE her solo pic and the one with Janet and Ethel. MORE please!

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