June 26, 2014

hurry, dear… if you miss the bus you’ll have to walk ’cause mommy can’t drink and drive


We’re not judging…sometimes we all need a little kick in our fruit punch.

This recipe for boozy fruit punch from Lark & Linen looks both beautiful and delicious! You start by making some striped fruit ice cubes with a few different kinds of fruit juice and then add alcohol and club soda – although we wouldn’t tell a soul if you didn’t actually make striped ice cubes and you just froze a few different kinds of juice in separate cubes instead.  You can make the juice cubes one night and keep them on hand, ready any time you need a quick soothing beverage – with or without the liquor!

Boozy Fruit Punch

Three kinds of juice (she used strawberry, grape and mango)

Club soda

1.5 oz. gin (or vodka) per cocktail

Strawberries, as garnish

Start by filling each cube of your ice cube tray 1/3rd full with your first juice, then freeze until solid.  Repeat with remaining juice, making sure to freeze each one completely before adding the next.  Then fill each glass with your striped, fruity ice cubes, add clear liquor of choice (she suggests vodka or gin), and top with club soda and a strawberry, to garnish.  Cheers!

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