February 5, 2014

January Caption Contest Winner!

So it seems that while not everyone has heard of the fishbowl, a great number of you are changing your prescriptions these days – big Congratulations to Robert Wooldridge, the winner of our January Caption Contest!


The fishbowl caption was the runner-up – congratulations to Kristen Easley:


So where did they meet the Millers?  That secret is safe with Todd Sentell (winner of December’s contest) – congrats, Todd!


And last but not least – congratulations to finalist Kat Bradburn with this gem:January-retire-500x577


Great captions everyone!

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One Thought on “January Caption Contest Winner!”

  1. Robert Wooldridge

    Thank you! Thank you!
    And for a good fishbowl movie watch Ang Lee’s “The Ice Storm”.
    Best regards, Robert.

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