April 8, 2014

March Caption Contest Winner

At least two hundred of you wrote captions referring to the breasts of the woman in blue calico. I tried to pick just one.

Doris, are those real?
But I loved this caption – from Peg Wiley – because it was so delightfully direct:

Why thank you! They were an anniversary gift!
And I loved this caption – from Heidi Vaitl – just as much… because it was so beautifully oblique:

Well done, both of you!

I think I found my G-spot
Another hundred or so of you wrote captions explaining why blue-calico-lady (could anyone look more innocent?) had her hand in her pocket. Barbara Hulse, you’ve done it again!

Reader's Digest version please...
I’m a huge fan of Sgt. Joe Friday. I’m pretty impatient with details, and “just the facts ma’am” could be my personal mantra. Maybe that’s why this caption, written by Maura Jensen, cracked me up so much:

That's my point. You don't nag enough
Todd Sentell’s fabulous caption is so unexpected… and yet so absolutely spot on. He perfectly captures the attitude of brown-checks-lady:

And the winner is Robert Wooldridge! Robert’s caption reminded me of one of my favorite “stories-that-I’m-not-allowed-to-tell” about one of my delightful granddaughters (and her mommy):

...and then I said "only mommies are allowed to use that word."

Robert’s caption got 46% of the vote – so I’m guessing there are a lot of swearing mommies out there.

Great job, Robert – I’ve always loved your captions, but I think this is your first win! And by a landslide.

Thank you, everyone, for making me laugh out loud!

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2 Thoughts on “March Caption Contest Winner”

  1. Robert Wooldridge

    Thank you! And remember, there’s nothing like the sound of a child’s voice repeating your mistakes back to you.
    My sister Marie and I love your caption contest. Winning or not, it’s the laughs we share through out the month that keep us going. Thank you, Anne!

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