June 5, 2014

May Caption Contest Winner

Everyone loves a DIY project… until they start it. Stacey Roberts truly captures the pain and remorse of the home handyman/woman in her winning caption:

in retrospect, Jim realized how foolish he'd been to complain about the cost of hiring a professional

Thank you, Stacey! I am going to blow this up, frame it, and hang it in my kitchen!

At the risk of diverting attention from Stacey’s triumph… and with the disclaimer that I’m honestly really excited about each and every finalist… I have to admit I was super excited to learn that one of the runners-up in May is my delightful friend Debi Dion, who I didn’t know had ever entered this contest! As you may remember, in order to avoid being influenced one way or the other, I choose the finalists “blind”… so it was only after posting the finalists that I saw Debi’s name.

I briefly took over as Sales Manager for my company this past winter. I wanted to learn firsthand what a Sales Manager does and the challenges she/he faces. You know what I learned? She/he faces a lot of challenges. It is only thanks to the lovely Debi (Sales Manager for the charming Lucky Feather jewelry line: http://www.luckyfeather.com/), who generously shared her hard-won experience, that I made it through show season at all. And the most fun part of show season? Drinks and dinner with Debi after the show. Here she is (the blond) with my equally lovely friend Becky, as we unwind after the San Francisco show in February:

Debi and Becky

Debi and Becky

And here is Debi’s caption:

does this make me look fat?

Thank you, Debi – for everything!

We had a lot of first-time finalists this month: Ellen Lange was a finalist in July of 2013 (“dust? what dust?), but everyone else, if I’m not mistaken, is a first-timer!

she had taken a "runs with scissors" kind of guy and turned him into a "follows directions well" kind of man

Here’s Ellen’s fabulous caption:

is this too straight for you, dear?

A lot of captions submitted last month made allusion to the sexual orientation of the painter. I loved the terse twist Nan Gordon gave her caption:

oh darling! now we'll always remember our first LSD trip

Many writers joked about decorating drunk (never a good idea), but Mandy Crane put her finger on what more likely inspired this project:

Thank you so much to Stacey and to all of our finalists!

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