June 4, 2015

May Caption Contest Winner

Hooray, Renee!

I’ve seen many funny Renee Lindemann captions over the years, including this winner from November 2011:


And now Renee is back with another winning caption:

May - UPS

Congratulations! My friend Peter (one of the many who voted for your caption) told me he posted it on his Facebook page and got more likes than he’s ever had before.

I love this caption from Julie Potter:

May - brag

I am such a horrible braggart of a grandma; your caption truly hits home.


As does yours, Natalie Pyron:

May - cooking

I pasted the text so it looked as though the woman was speaking, but it might have been even funnier if I’d pasted it so it looked as though the man was speaking. Certainly in my house we lose weight when I cook.


Congratulations and thank you all!

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3 Thoughts on “May Caption Contest Winner”

  1. Natalie Pyron

    Haha yes, I intended it to be coming from him because I am a terrible cook! I’ve been told multiple time what a terrible 50s housewife I would have made.

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