January 28, 2009

Milo Gray

Milo Gray ~ in her own words:


Milo Gray

“The picture that Corby, my grandson, found on packages of Anne Taintor cocktail napkins was originally photographed in 1937, almost 70 years ago.  The strangest part is that my grandson, walking around a gift shop in Litchfield, CT, found the reproduction on cocktail napkins in 2006!!

In those days – 70 years ago – certain debutantes were photographed for charity balls and other events.  And these “debs” became amateur celebrities whom the public loved to read about.  Big advertising companies would often try to “bribe” a debutante to promote their product.


Milo with her granddaughter & daughter

So Reynolds Tobacco asked me to pose for their Camel cigarettes.  I believe I told them that aside from parties, I also loved to figure skate at Rockefeller Center.  So I posed in that evening dress, which was a bright royal blue.

[In the ad] There was a large picture with three smaller photos of my skating prowess with the catchy phrase, “I’ll skate a mile for a Camel,” instead of the traditional “I’ll walk a mile for a Camel.”  This ad was FULL PAGE and appeared in the back of every major magazine.  I even received some fan mail.  The payment of $750 for almost no work on my part seemed exorbitant beyond belief.

However, the greatest of all was my grandson spotting the picture in a gift shop and remembering seeing the original in our family album.  Needless to say, he bought out the whole supply!”

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